Andrew Hicks, Architect


With more than 40 years of experience in architecture and design combined with a firm grasp of construction and its practical applications, AHA is proficient in many types of building projects. AHA has experience in educational, commercial, hospitality, worship, industrial and residential design including multi-family. Architectural design is a partnership between architect and client and is a process that ends in a finished product that satisfies both a particular function, a collaborative vision and a budget. AHA can create designs that can be visually bold and exciting or quieter background designs, depending on the project’s needs. This approach can satisfy owners, investors and users alike and provide an appropriate response to a building owner’s needs.

AHA’s fees are in proportion to construction budgets and the complexity of a project. The time to contact AHA for an initial discussion is when a building project is first considered, even before a site is selected if possible. AHA can explore graphically and conceptually different aspects of a potential site or a project type, including community zoning or building regulations, and evaluate different options for sites and construction types. In addition, AHA can perform cost estimating, assist in selecting a qualified contractor, and evaluate construction quality and satisfactory completion of a project. We look forward to working with you on any type of building project.